Savant Skill

Open for 4 CPs


Sound Body: Once per event, by meditating or praying to their Guide for a minute, a character who has the Aspirant header may regain two expended health. If the Aspirant chooses to do the appropriate roleplay in a sanctum to the Guides and lengthens the roleplay to five minutes they may also regain one single, expended aspirant skill or spell.
Devotion: Taking the Aspirant header signals your devotion to one of the Ways (p. 52). Please contact us with which of the ways you want to follow. If you are interested in the shamanistic, or another, path not listed in the Ways sections take this header and email: to discuss your concept. Those interested in a Faith header should pay particular attention to the PEL, Faith, and Learning skills sections of the rulebook.
Light: Aspirants cast white light spells.

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