Origin List

Drakkon A race descended from Dragons, they are fierce warriors and much of their origin is shrouded in mystery. Race
Firbolg Stalwart warriors and defenders of civilization from the Wastelands, these non-humans find comfort in their mountains that they love so much. Race
Freilan Experts in trade and networking the Freilan are a resourceful and sometimes secretive people. They are as comfortable on the open oceans as they are the open plains. They are often found seeking adventure and profit in the secluded areas of the land. The Freilan have no set homeland but all honor familyand blood ties. As such they gain the Freilan region automatically as well as one other of their choice which must be explained in their character history. Race
Half Elemental Your mortal heritage is mixed with an elemental pedigree. Whatever element you pick will be the one you cast via magic missiles purchased through this background. Race
Human Humans are the most populous of the races of Jhoril, and are found in all regions of the world except for the Drakkon Clutches. Race
Sidhe Closely related to the Fey, their culture accepts the subtle differences among them and allows them to thrive with little contact from human lands. Race
Dahn Mysterious desert nomads known for their ability to survive some of the harshest conditions on Jhoril. Background
Drakkon Clutch Tribal communities of Drakkon consisting of the elders and their children, a brutal existence where only the strong survive. Background
Drakkonar The nascent Drakkon Nation, Founded by the powerful warlords who staged a rebellion against Taer. These Drakkon are forming a community which blends strength and civilization. Modelled on the Taerran model of government with a uniquely Drakkon twist Background
Dun Darmac A land of scholars and mystics, wise men and women who seek to follow their Wal and maintain cultural independence from other human nations. Background
Dun Haventhal One of the Dun kingdoms, it relies heavily on trade and the skills of its merchants. Background
Dun Melea A land of passionately competing noble families, where swords, dances, bribes, and jests are equally likely to be commonplace. Background
Fflor Northmen who raid against other lands, their fatalistic traditions guiding their actions. Background
Firbolg Holdfast The Mountain dwellings of the Firbolg, the last bastions of civilization before one enters uncharted territories full of monsters and worse. Background
Free Peoples Nomadic primitives who worship the great spirits of the land and follow the guidance that they receive from these enigmatic beings. Their Tribal connection manifests in a particular skill tied to their tribal spirit. Background
Freilan Grand Caravan The Freilan Grand Caravans travel the open plains and grasslands of Jhoril. Even though their communities are always on the move they are joined together by a web of family networks and contacts that span from the Vast to the Deep. Freilan have a long history of moving about and survive by their ability to get the best of a bargain. To reflect this, they may choose to begin game with the Commerce header for free or one level of the Network skill for free. Please contact staff to have this added to your sheet. Background
Itan Empire An island dwelling culture steeped in tradition and honor. Background
Oruna - Generic The generic Oruna. Background
Seaward Isles A coastal Archipelago filled with shanty towns and rundown ports, populated by buccaneers, outlaws, and outcasts. Scholars have dug up its ancient name- but until now it has been known more colloquially as the “Pirate Isles”. Background
Taerus Empire The Tærus Empire is possibly the oldest Human civilization found on Jhoril. Their great cities to the south rival the towers of the Sidhe in Caer Merenthala. Background