Game Systems

Here you will find all of our published information about the game, be it rules, background information or maps. All are presented in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF viewer, you can download one free by clicking on the following link.

Game Rules
Tales of Valor 2012 Rules Book
Tales of Valor 2012 Rules Errata
Player Guide - Coming Soon
Map of the Known World Circa 1029NE

Game Information Packets
The Free Peoples RP
Dahn RP
Drakkon RP
Dun Darmac RP
Dun Haventhal RP
Dun Melea RP
Fflor RP
Firbolg RP
Freilan RP
The Empire of Itan RP
The Seaward Isles RP
The Sidhe Kingdoms RP
Sidhe Affinity Guide
The Taerus Empire RP
The People of the Wasteland RP - Coming Soon