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The scrollcraft system operates through a combination of active roleplaying in-game (to learn sigils and techniques) and a CP-cost, their scroll pool. The system now has three avenues to focus upon, allowing for increased versatility in how a scrollcrafter can spend their scroll pool.

One avenue is a personal Seal that the scrollcrafter makes. The Seal is empowered by the scroll pool to allow the scrollcrafter to cast various spells based on the sigils they know. As the scrollcrafter progresses in the system, they can learn embellishments that they can apply to their Seal in order to affect the spells they currently have stored in it.

One avenue is the creation of heirloom scrolls, or writs. These scrolls are semi-permanent magical items that the caster maintains the power of using his scroll pool. These writs may be given to others for use, or used by the scrollcrafter themselves. A scrollcrafter is limited in how many writs they can create and maintain by the strength of their scroll pool.

The final avenue a scrollcrafter can focus upon is the one most familiar to the current scrollcrafters, that of combining sigils to create single use scrolls that can be stored for later use or given to others. This base system of combining Sigils to create effects is necessary for the creation of spells to be stored in the Seal and for making Writs.

Purchase of the Scrollcraft header provides a character with the following:
-an initial deposit of 4 CP in their Scroll pool
-the ability to create their personal Seal
-the knowledge of the First Sigil
-the knowledge of a SINGLE Sigil of the Spheres, chosen by the calligrapher from the schools of magic he/she is already familiar with (meaning specifically, a magic header the PC has already purchased)
-access to the first-tier Scrollcraft ability list
-access to the Scrollcraft font

Scroll Creation
Much of the application of scrollcrafting is dependent on the calligrapher learning the use of individual “characters”, referred to for our purposes in this document as “Sigils”. It is likely that different cultures or races in Jhoril might refer to these magic symbols by different names. Below is a list of Sigils available to first-tier scrollcrafters, as well as a list of their costs to learn and use. The first number in parentheses beside the name of the Sigil is the permanent cost in CP that is required to learn the Sigil (this cost is also added to the PC’s scrollcrafting pool). The second number in parentheses is the cost per-use of the sigil in the crafting of a scroll.

Each scroll is composed of a sentence. This sentence contains a prefix, suffix and a power word, all accessed via the Sigils. Power words are spells accessed through the Sigil of Spheres. More advanced versions contain additional Sigils which affect the sentence. Each Sigil has a specific cost associated with it and the total cost of all the Sigils used in a scroll equals how many points out of the scrollcrafter’s pool the base cost of the scroll will be. A basic example for a beginning scrollcraft creation would be “I (First Sigil) Awaken (Sigil of Spheres- Healing) You (Second Sigil)”. In addition to the base cost, in order to scribe a scroll onto a storable piece of paper requires an additional point of the scrollcrafter’s scroll pool.

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