Skill List: Regular Skills

Elemental Resistance This spell allows the target to resist the elemental effect of his or her choice. You decide the element when you cast the spell. You may resist elixirs with the appropriate element as an attribute. If you are unconscious, you must resist the NEXT elemental effect that is used on you. You may stack this resistance with other resistances. You may not have more than one elemental resistance of each element active on you at a time. Incantation: "By the arcane arts, I defend (you/myself) from (element)."
Enchant Weapon This spell adds an elemental alignment to a weapon. You decide which element when you cast the spell. This alignment lasts for ten minutes. When the weapon is swung, the wielder must call out the element to which it is aligned. Incantation: "By the powers of the forge, I enchant this weapon with (element) for 10 minutes."
Enfeeble Target individual may not use Cavalier, Brute, Thief, or Assassin skills for one minute. The target individual is not injured, and may still fight and use Health skills and weapons. The target may still use a weapon and/or shield, and may still cast spells. Incantation: “By the wicked words, I Weaken you.”
Escape Bonds Purchase of this skill allows you to slipfree of manacles, shackles, stocks, or other bonds. Escape bonds does not allow you to free others from such constraints.
Examine/Hide/Seek This skill allows you to do one of the following: hide one small item on your person (Hide), find any item on another person that has been hidden with the Hide skill (Seek), or thoroughly search someone (Examine), requiring them to produce all stealable items that are not Hidden as quickly as possible. A small object (for the purposes of Hide) is defined as an object no larger then a deck of playing cards. You must state which form you are using when you use it.
Fervor Restores all non-functioning limbs to the target as per the heal limb spell and grants them a resist numb or wither (caster’s choice). Incantation: “By the strength of my faith, I heal (your/my)limbs, and defend (you, myself) from the next (Wither, Numb).”
Forget This skill can be used one of two ways. If used as “Forget Me” (State, “Forget Me”), it will cause the target to forget any involvement you had with that person, including simply being in the area. The target remembers everything else about the scene, including if there was other people there, but no clues about you. If used as “Forget” (State, “Forget the last ten minutes of consciousness”) This skill will cause the target to forget approximately the last 10 minutes of consciousness. You must have had some interaction with the target (which could have been knocking them into unconsciousness) in order to utilize this skill on the target. May be resisted with Concentration.
Heal Limb This spell heals all broken limbs the target may have. Incantation: "By the healer's grace, I heal your limbs."
Healing This spell has the effects of an Awaken spell and a Heal Limbs spell on the target. In addition, up to two points of used Health are restored to the target. Incantation: "By the healer's grace, I awaken you, heal your limbs, and return two used health."
Health Allows you to revive from unconsciousness after being struck down by a weapon or spell. This effect takes one minute. If you are deathstruck during this time, the skill is not consumed. This skill will not allow you to recover from death. If someone attempts to heal or Aid you while you are unconscious, your skill is put on hold until they succeed or stop, whether by choice or enemy action. If they stop, resume your count. When using the Health skill after falling unconscious you awaken with all your limbs restored. If you are Diseased, you may not use your Health until you are no longer diseased. This skill may be purchased multiple times, and may have a greater effect the more times it is purchased.
Insight Through your understanding of the world, the insight granted you by the stars, or the reading of tea leaves, you gain some useful information of events unfolding in the world. This skill gives you a specific piece of useful information pertaining to an event. This is a between-game skill.
Invigorate When cast this spell stacks an additional spell of any one of the following basic "Resist" spell effects the caster already has cast upon them. This includes Resist Poison, Resist Disease, Resist Malady, Resist Paralysis, Resist Curse, Resist Hinderance, and Elemental Resistance. This spell may only target the caster. This spell may not cause you to have more than one additional resistance of that type stacked on you. “Incantation: “By the merciful words, I grant myself an additional (name of spell).”
Judgment The Aspirant pronounces judgment against one specific enemy. If the Judgment is used against an enemy, the Aspirant must indicate who (either verbally or by pointing) when incanting the spell and may then resist the next normal melee or thrown strike that affects them from that specific enemy and gains an elemental enchantment (earth/air/water/ or fire) on their weapon for their next swing against the judged enemy. The Aspirant may only have one Judgment active at a time and may not target an individual more than once per event with a Judgment. Incantation: “By the strength of my faith, I call judgment down upon you (indication of target).”
Lightning Bolt This spell counts as a Pierce to whatever location it strikes. This spell is aligned with the element of air. Incantation: "Air, Pierce."
Lore This skill represents the most advanced forms of academic and magical study on Jhoril. It can be used to gather information on various topics from the mundane to the fantastic. This is also how to determine the capabilities of a magical item. Each purchase of the skill allows you to ask a question, spend time researching a topic, or spend time figuring out how to use a magical item. Mulitple purchases of this skill may be applied to a topic to glean more insight or get a 'better' answer. This skill is used between events.
Magic Missile When you purchase this spell, you must decide which of the four elements (earth, air, fire, or water) to align your missile with. If you purchase Magic Missile multiple times, you may take a different element each time. This spell counts as a sword strike aligned with an element to whatever location it hits. Magic Missile does not 'transfer' through shields or weapons, this is an exception to the normal spells. Incantation: "(Element)"
Malediction This spell grants the victim an unfavorable aura with Death. The target for this spell must be dead when the spell is cast. The target must inform Death of this spell. Incantation: "By the wicked words, I harm your spirit. When you see Death next you must tell him, 'I lack the toll for the Ferryman,' Malediction."
Maul Ability to use a maul
Mend Construct This spell repairs damage to any construct. It mends its limbs, awakens it, and restores any natural armor it may have. Incantation: "By the power of my will, I Mend this construct."
Mimicry Mimicry (4) You may instantly count as a member of a group or race you do not belong to for 1 basic in game SoV effect. State "Mimic" immediately after the effect is called. You must still be a valid target for any other conditions of the effect and your active resistances still apply. You must be conscious to use this ability.
Mystic Armor This spell grants the target two points of magical armor to all locations. This spell may not be stacked with itself, any other magical armor, or Reinforce. Incantation: "By the arcane arts, I summon forth 2 points of Mystic Armor to all locations."
Network This is your connection to organizations of thieves, spies, and other nefarious types. You can ask them to find out information for you, do things for you, possibly even cover your tracks, etc. This is a between-game skill.
Numb Target: Any limb The person may not use the limb struck for one minute. This strike hits regardless of armor, but does not actually damage the limb. May be resisted with Parry or Resistance and healed with Heal Limb or Healing. State "Numb" as the blow is swung.
Oracle This spell allows you to ask one question of the great oracle. This is a between-game spell.
Overwhelming Weapon This spell enhances a weapon so that the next time a skill is used with it AND resisted by the opponent, the weilder of the weapon may immediately use the skill again. Incantation: “By the powers of the forge, I enhance this weapon, when next you throw a basic skill that is resisted you may immediately throw it again.”
Pain Target: Any location Target individual may not attack for 10 seconds. They must appropriately roleplay being in intense pain. This skill does not do any damage and may be resisted with Parry or Resistance. The target may defend themselves while roleplaying. State “Pain” as the blow is swung.
Parry Negates any one effect used against you via weapon. You must have a weapon in hand in order to use this skill. (May not be used against ranged attacks or skills.) State "Parry" after you are struck with the skill. May not be used against sap, assassinate or "normal" weapon strikes (no skills attached). When you negate the effect you also negate the strike that happened with the effect.
Pick Lock This skill allows you to attempt to pick keyed locks. You must provide your own tools. Further purchases give you the information to decode combination locks.
Pierce Target: Any location This strike hits regardless of armor. May be resisted with Parry, Resistance, and Resist Pierce. State "Pierce" as the blow is swung.
Poison This spell counts as a Poison. See the details of Poison under Assassin Skills. Incantation: "By the wicked words, I Poison your body."